Innovation for a Resilient Water Future

The UC WATER Security and Sustainability Research Initiative is focused on strategic research to build the knowledge base for better water resources management.

We apply innovative science, technology, and implementation strategy to surface and ground water management. 

Get to know UC Water

Established in 2015, the University of California Office of the President supported a cohesive network of water researchers across the UC campuses. Today, we have grown to over 50 researchers who address the management of California's three stores of water: snow, reservoirs, and groundwater aquifers. We employ interdisciplinary approaches to address water data and information needs, empower emerging resource management institutions, and encourage investment in innovative infrastructure.

UC Water Research Initiatives

  • UC Water is developing innovative water accounting and analysis methods, and introducing modern information systems into California’s aging infrastructure. 
  • UC Water is focused on legal and policy implications. Our research facilitates integrated water management institutions in California and aids in the development of the capacity to adapt to 21st-century stressors.
  • UC Water is improving our understanding of how water is extracted, conveyed and stored in built and natural infrastructure. This research program contributes to understanding landcover changes on source-water areas, and tools and techniques for better groundwater management.

Meet Our Researchers


A leadership team from UC Merced, Berkeley, Davis and Santa Cruz works together to foster connections among campuses, engage early-career faculty, and support innovative research across the disciplines. We devote 10% of our annual budget to supporting Challenge Grants, especially for new faculty, which expand the network to four additional campuses and build relationships and resources with new stakeholders. All researchers are supported through our communication and outreach team, which hosts research workshops and develops video content for UCTV Sustainable California.

Learn About Our Education Program

UC Water, though primarily a research program, has invested considerable time and resources into the best way to ensure a water secure future: training the next generation of water leaders. 

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