Innovation for a Resilient Water Future

The UC WATER Security and Sustainability Research Initiative is focused on strategic research to build the knowledge base for better water resources management.

We apply innovative science, technology, and implementation strategy to real-world problems of surface and ground water management. 

In 2015, the University of California linked together multiple campuses and established UC Water. We have grown to 42 resesarchers who approach water from three perspectives: information, institutions and infrastructure. 

UC Water Research Initiatives

  • UC Water is developing innovative, quantitative water accounting and analysis methods, and introducing modern information systems into California’s aging infrastructure. Current water policy lacks salient, credible, and legitimate water information forcing policymakers to rely on century-old technology and analysis techniques.
  • UC Water is weaving legal and policy research into our findings. Our research will help facilitate more integrated water management institutions in California and aid in the development of the capacity to adapt to 21st-century stressors.
  • UC Water is improving our understanding of how water is extracted, conveyed and stored in built and natural infrastructure. This initiative also contributes to research by developing understanding of landcover changes on source-water areas, and tools and techniques for better groundwater management.

UC Water Invites Collaborators

UC Water seeks to collaborate with investigators and researchers. The benefits of participation are shared data and communication resources. Our goal is to be greater than the sum of our individual UC campuses. 

Join us! See Invitation for UC Collaborators.

Support UC Water

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