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Welcome to a world of discovery at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) at UC Merced. As you embark on this journey, you'll find a diverse array of services designed to unlock the potential of the Sierra Nevada region and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to excellence in research and innovation fuels a range of offerings aimed at addressing complex challenges and enhancing understanding. From cutting-edge scientific investigations to interdisciplinary collaborations, our services provide a platform for both students and researchers to engage with the intricate ecosystems, diverse cultures, and pressing issues that define the Sierra Nevada. Join us in uncovering new perspectives, forging connections, and contributing to sustainable solutions that shape the future of this remarkable region and beyond.

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At the Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) at UC Merced, our mission is deeply rooted in advancing knowledge and finding innovative solutions to the intricate challenges that encompass the Sierra Nevada region and extend beyond. With a focus on cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and meaningful engagement with local communities, we are committed to cultivating sustainable resolutions for the diverse environmental, social, and economic issues prevalent in the Sierra Nevada. By harnessing the collective expertise of researchers, students, and partners, we're dedicated to driving progress in areas such as environmental conservation, climate change adaptation, natural resource management, and ecosystem restoration. Our research, education, and outreach efforts aim to create a positive impact, serving as a catalyst for positive change and contributing to the prosperity of both the Sierra Nevada ecosystem and the communities it nurtures.

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