Director's Council

UC Water's goal is to produce relevant research for implementation by water decision makers. The Director's Council meets with UC Water leadership twice annually to guide research and outreach efforts. The council is comprised of water leaders from a diversity of perspectives.

  • Liz Berger, US Forest Service
  • Jerry Bird, US Forest Service
  • Ashley Boren, Sustainable Conservation
  • Juliet Christian-Smith, Water Foundation
  • Debbie Davis-Franco, Governor's Office of Planning and Research
  • Erik Ekdahl, State Water Resources Control Board
  • Andrew Fahlund, Water Foundation
  • Gary Freeman, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Kamyar Guivetchi, California Department of Water Resources
  • Susan Hubbard, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Jeff Mount, Public Policy Institute of California
  • David Orth, North Friant Water Authority
  • Doug Parker, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Division
  • Tim Quinn, Association of California Water Agencies
  • Doug Rotman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory