Hydrovisions recaps Ag-Groundwater Conference

Leigh Bernacchi
September 13, 2016

UC Water researchers were busy this summer with fieldwork and conferences.

Chief among the conferences was the big international Ag-Groundwater.org conference. A synthesis of the Towards Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture event held in Burlingame, CA in July has been published in the Groundwater Resources Association of California journal Hydrovisions. Our collaborator Thomas Harter and Davis Director Graham Fogg shaped the program to address major questions of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) implementation. Santa Cruz Director Andrew Fisher and collaborator Helen Dahlke shared many ways to improve groundwater quality and long-term use of an aquifer through recharge in agricultural lands. Several students presented their work during a vibrant poster session. 

UC Water's synthesis of Hydrovisions
In case you missed the conference, catch up with the synopsis in the Fall 2016 issue of Hydrovisions.


In addition to conference sponsorship, UC Water hosted a pre-conference workshop with the Public Policy Institute of California on "Implementing California’s New Groundwater Law: Research & Policy Insights for the Central Valley." Water leaders from irrigation districts and water agencies joined UC Water researchers to describe local and GSA-scale opportunities for groundwater recharge. PPIC published a blog synthesizing the SGMA workshop.

The keynote was delivered by Berkeley Director Michael Kiparsky. His address covers many of the challenges California will face with SGMA. 

Kiparsky delivering keynote address at agriculture and groundwater conference, June 2016.

These resources are intended to support water decision-makers who were unable to attend the conference.