Second release of UCTV Sustainable California: Focus on Food

June 19, 2017

On June 9, we released the second issue of UCTV Sustainable California – a resource for learning about University of California research on how our state is leading protection of biodiversity, efficient natural resources use, and ideas for low-impact living.

With the growing season in full swing, this issue covers several of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources projects.

  • Our state parks serve many purposes, including recreation and rangelands. In a fun video, narrated by someone who knows, learn how to hike safely with livestock.
  • If you are a farmer or a backyard gardener, you can save your residues after harvest and improve soil, moisture and your yield. UCANR shares a series of conservation practices.
  • Lastly, the Global Food Initiative Fellows visited Central Valley farms and processing plants. Get insights into their research that will help bring food to communities, reduce food waste, and improve pollination.

For people who love the Sierra Nevada’s rare wildlife, there’s archival footage of Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep, and you can learn how the national parks have brought these animals back to their native habitat.

Weather nuts can learn about how California gets most of its rainfall in massive, warm air systems: Atmospheric Rivers: 2017’s wet winter explained.

New research on forests illustrates how water flows through redwoods and the many microbes that work with trees.

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