UC Santa Cruz researchers evaluate groundwater supply and management

Guy Lasnier
February 18, 2016

Study of adjudicated groundwater basins shows less emphasis on sustainability, more on conflict resolution.

Court adjudication of California's groundwater basins is more often focused on resolving conflicts among water users and less on sustainable groundwater management, according to a UC Santa Cruz study commissioned by the State Water Resources Control Board.

The finding comes in “An Evaluation of California’s Adjudicated Groundwater Basins” scheduled for release today (Feb. 18).

The board contracted with Ruth Langridge, a UC Santa Cruz researcher with the Center for Global, International and Regional Studies, to review the history, development, overall condition and current management practices for all of California’s court-adjudicated groundwater basins.

The research team that created the report also includes UC Santa Cruz sociology Ph.D. students Abigail Brown and Kirsten Rudestam, and Esther Conrad, a recent Ph.D. graduate of UC Berkeley.

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