UC Water featured in UC Merced Magazine

September 17, 2015
UC Merced: Going with the Flow of Data

UC Merced celebrates A Decade of Excellence in the latest issue of the magazine of the University of California, Merced. It also celebrates three UC Merced researchers who lead the UC Water project: Director Roger Bales, Co-Director Joshua Viers, and UCM Campus Lead Martha Conklin.

The article highlights how data is at the center of water management: The drought is considered a crisis due to lack of water, but it has illustrated how the lack of information to appropriately manage the state's water resources has exacerbated the crisis. UC Water aims to address key information needs for both surface water and groundwater systems by linking models, improving measurements and monitoring, and designing instruments to inform management. 

You can't manage what you don't measure. —Joshua Viers, UC Water Co-Director

The University of California Office of the President funded UC Water in 2015 after four years of drought in the state. By relying on the expertise of Dr. Bales and Dr. Conklin in the headwaters of the Sierra Nevada range and connecting with Dr. Viers knowledge of the Delta and California rivers, we are able to make research-based connections decision makers can use. And because this is a cross-campus initiative, UC Water includes experts from UC Berkeley, Davis and Santa Cruz. 

Typically there would be feet of snowpack. Last year, we had just a couple inches.
That's a problem, because the Sierra Nevada is where a lot of our water comes from. 
     —Roger Bales, UC Water Director

Though the drought continues, UC scientists work to find ways to conserve the water we have within the whole water system. To learn more, Joel Patenaude, the author of the article, highlights UC Water's information and infrastructure contributions to California's water crises. To read the full article, please view the pdf file here.