UC Berkeley
PhD Student, Environmental Science

Brian is passionate about advancing the conservation of endangered salmon species from the upper watersheds of California to the Pacific Coast. Through innovative research at the intersection of hydrology and fish ecology, he is exploring environmental factors that control the timing of downstream salmon migration.

Brian joined the Grantham Lab in 2017 and brings three years of experience in freshwater and coastal ecosystem services research for international conservation organizations. With critical stakeholder engagement, he developed projects and led teams to enhance coastal watershed management in Cambodia and Barbados. In Micronesia, his research culminated in a rainforest conservation policy that protects freshwater species and public health. Brian also conducted ecosystem service valuations in Fiji to inform fisheries management. As a leader for National Geographic Student Expeditions, he advises students in project-based, experiential education to inspire future environmental leaders.

Brian often expands his research vision while snowboarding the headwater slopes of the Sierras and surfing the scenic California shores.

UC Water Connection: 

Brian is a PhD student with Prof. Ted Grantham and was a member of the first class of the UC Water Academy in 2017.