UC Davis
Professor of Soil Science and Soil Microbial Ecologist, Department of Land, Air, Water Resources and Director, Russell Ranch

Four years of drought in California (2012-2015) creates urgency for agriculture to access better information and innovative technologies to estimate crop water needs and monitor water use.

This UC Water match grant project aims to use new technology for estimating actual evapotranspiration, to develop hydrographs of flow rates in three irrigated crops using different irrigation methods, and to link data on crop water use to surface and groundwater models.

We will use the HydroGEN model to generate hydrographs of irrigation water flows and we will provide input data from our field site for use in validating the Yolo County Integrated Water Flow Model (YCIWFM), a land-use based water resources management and planning model that integrates surface and groundwater.

Water use efficiency will be measured at the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility in three different crops (tomato, corn and alfalfa) and implementing two irrigation methods, surface irrigation and micro-irrigation. Results of this project will be distributed to farmers, modelers, policy-makers and be available for other studies statewide.

UC Water Connection: 

Dr. Scow partnered with Dr. Zaccaria and received a 2016 UC Water match grant for work on evapotranspiration on agricultural fields.