UC Santa Cruz
Graduate Student

Kyle graduated with a masters degree in June 2016 and returned to the U.S. Coast Guard for employment. 

Kyle Young conducts hydrologic modeling to analyze the spatial dynamics of stormwater runoff for Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, CA.

The results of his research will inform the placement of MAR projects (such as infiltration basins and dry wells) to aid in the replenishment of depleted groundwater resources, protect against seawater intrusion of coastal aquifers, and improve overall water sustainability.

Additionally, Kyle hopes to extend his research to investigate the effects of land development and climate dynamics on surface hydrology. 

UC Water Connection: 

Kyle has been working with Andrew Fisher's lab at UCSC since August 2014, where he assists lab members with their field research and modeling projects in addition to conducting his own research.


Kyle Young is a Coast Guard Officer, helicopter pilot, and Aeronautical Engineer. Though still on active duty, he is currently undertaking a Master's degree in Earth and Planetary Science at UCSC in preparation to teach undergraduate physics at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.

Kyle is originally from Portland, OR and has served the Coast Guard in New London, CT; Seattle, WA; the Arctic; Antarctica; Pensacola, FL; San Francisco, CA; Traverse City, MI; and throughout the Great Lakes. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from American Public University.

Kyle currently resides in Santa Cruz with his wife, Sara, and their 6-year old daughter and infant son. Refer to Kyle's linkedin site for more information on his career and accomplishments.