UC Riverside
Master of Public Policy Student, emphasis in Environmental Policy

Logan Purvis began studying the ramifications of drought and water scarcity while living in Nagoya-shi, Japan. Since water surrounds Japan, this may lead to people to perceive that there is more water than there is. While sitting with a friend in a beautiful park in Nagoya, she saw a fountain continually running, and she asked me, “doesn’t that bother you - isn’t California in a drought?” It was the first time that I considered the role of infrastructure in water conservation and reconsidered the public’s responsibility. This has fueled a longer-term study in creating policies to protect natural resources. She strives to be an informed citizen through research.

UC Water Connection: 

Logan is a member of the UC Water Academy’s second cohort.


Logan holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Redlands. She is a graduate student with an emphasis on environmental policy and is conducting research at UC Riverside to study issues related to water infrastructure.