UC Merced
Environmental Systems master's student

Lorenzo Booth's masters research involves the application of environmental data toward causes that will be useful for resource management.

He is currently involved with a project to produce an extensible, open-source software tool to calculate water footprints of agricultural activities. Water footprints refer to the volume of water required to produce a product or render a service and are calculated over the entire supply chain of the product. These metrics can be used to evaluate the impact of an activity in a particular time or region.

UC Water Connection: 

Lorenzo works with UC Water Co-Director Joshua Viers and helped develop the website. His research will contribute to the water footprinting research objective. 


Lorenzo Booth is a master's student in the Environmental Systems program at UC Merced. A California native, he obtained a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from UC Merced. His research interests lie in the methods that couple sensing techniques to informed environmental decision-making. He also holds a particular interest in the potential of free and open source software and hardware to improve the stewardship of collective environmental resources in developed and developing nations.