UC Los Angeles
Environmental Science Student

Melanie is interested in revitalizing California’s water management practices to create a more diverse and secure long-term water supply as well as investigating associated impacts to the state’s ecological resources. I’m particularly interested in the possibilities for expanded stormwater capture and wastewater reuse.

UC Water Connection: 

Melanie will complete her degree in Spring 2018 and is a member of the 2018 UC Water Academy.


Melanie grew up in the California desert, in the Coachella Valley, and therefore has always had a unique connection to water resources. She began in the water realm by interning at the Coachella Valley Water District and completing a concentration in environmental engineering.

She continues work in the water field as an undergraduate researcher on the UCLA Sustainable LA Water Environmental Report Card. She is a project manager for her environmental science practicum team researching modernization of Central Valley irrigation delivery systems. She studied and conducted field research abroad in both Costa Rica and Cameroon with a focus on conservation biology. She applies these experiences to her interest in investigating unique water resource ties to ecological resources. Melanie will graduate from UCLA in Spring 2018 with an Environmental Science B.S. with a concentration in environmental engineering and minor in conservation biology.