UC Berkeley
Director, Wheeler Water Institute, UC Berkeley School of Law
UC Water Connection: 

I direct our work on water at the Center for Law, Energy and the Environment at UC Berkeley School of Law. I am the director for the UC Berkeley campus of UC Water. Our vision for UC Water is about incorporating three broad themes: institutions, infrastructure, and information. Each of those is broadly defined and each of those is a critical part of achieving water security and sustainability. Here at Berkeley Law we contribute heavily to the institutional part of our research and engagement.


Michael Kiparsky is Director of the Wheeler Water Institute at the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, at Berkeley Law.

Dr. Kiparsky has worked on both technical and policy aspects of water resources management, and his overarching professional interest lies at the intersection between the two. As a researcher, he has published on governance and policy of complex water systems, as well as on risk analysis, impacts of climate change on hydrology, and adaptation to climate change. As a practitioner, he has experience in consulting (Tully & Young Comprehensive Water Planning), non-profit (Pacific Institute), and agency (CALFED Science Program) settings. Before returning to U.C. Berkeley, Dr. Kiparsky was on the faculty at the University of Idaho.

Dr. Kiparsky earned a Ph.D. and M.S. at U.C. Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, an interdisciplinary graduate program, and holds an A.B. in Biology from Brown University. He has won awards for his work from sources including the National Science Foundation, the Association of California Water Agencies, the CALFED Bay Delta Science Program, and the Udall Foundation.