Escobedo Garcia
UC Irvine
PhD Student, School of Social Ecology, Water UCI Fellow

As an undergraduate, Nataly Escobedo Garcia wrote her senior thesis on the health effects pesticide use has on farmworkers in the strawberry fields of Oxnard and Watsonville. Her master’s research examined how issues of water for farms and communities have reshaped political alliances, agendas, and organizing in the Central Valley.

Continuing to focus on farmworkers and water issues, she is currently working on a discourse policy analysis of AB 685, California’s legislative adoption of water as a human right. This analysis focuses on the processes through which water is established as a human right and what this process means in the context of accessing and exercising rights for farmworker communities in the Central Valley.

UC Water Connection: 

Nataly Escobedo Garcia is a PhD student working with Dr. David Feldman, Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy, and Dr. Susan Bibler Coutin, Professor of Anthropology and Criminology, Law, and Society. Nataly is also a participant in the second class of the UC Water Academy.


Nataly Escobedo Garcia is a Graduate Student Researcher at the University of California-Irvine in the School of Social Ecology, as well as a Water UCI Fellow. Escobedo received her Bachelors of Arts in Latin American and Latino/a Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her Masters of Arts in Sociocultural Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles.