UC Santa Cruz
Professor and Director of the Center for Large-scale Live Analytics and Smart Services

Water managers and other stakeholders are facing increased demands for better water information as population growth increases the pressure on mountain hydropower operations, water supplies, drought planning, forest management and flood control.  In the process of developing a better water information system, we propose to address a key barrier in the development of a prototype data and information system that can provide near-real-time support for water-resources decision making. We will develop algorithms and automation procedures to remove the noise from the data stream as they are being streamed, to allow real-time production of quality controlled-quality assured data.

Overcoming the barrier of noisy data will allow real-time snow data to be used as input to basin water balance models, improving prediction capability for water supplies and hydropower. 

In addition, the developed algorithms and automation procedures will pave the way for clean real-time data collection from other distributed sensors, such as soil moisture and energy balance sensors.

UC Water Connection: 

Dr. Akella was awarded a 2015-2016 UC Water seed grant for his collaborative work with Dr. Stephen Glaser: "Data‐integration and information‐management system for water security."


Professor Ram Akella is currently Professor and Director of the Center for Large-scale Live Analytics and Smart Services (CLASS), which includes SMART (Social Media Analytics Research Transformation), and the Center for Knowledge, Information Systems and Technology Management (KISMT) at the University of California at Silicon Valley Center/Santa Cruz. Prof. Akella started his academic career as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard and then joined MIT (EECS/LIDS and LFM) as a Postdoctoral Associate. He then joined Carnegie Mellon University in 1985 as an Associate Professor in the Tepper Business School (GSIA) and the School of Computer Science (CS/RI), before working at other institutions including MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, and establishing an ORU and TIM(ISTM) at UCSC/SVC as Founding Director/Chair.