UC Santa Cruz
PhD Candidate

Sarah Beganskas' PhD research addresses effective improvement of groundwater supply and quality through managed aquifer recharge (MAR). Through field work and regional modeling, she is exploring how stormwater runoff can be used as a source of water for MAR in agricultural areas, like the Pajaro Valley Groundwater Basin in Central Coastal California. Sarah is also part of a collaboration working to develop a low-cost method to remove nitrate and other pollutants from infiltrating water at MAR sites, to avoid contamination of aquifers.

UC Water Connection: 

The core of UC Water research in the field and lab is conducted by graduate students. Since the beginning of the program, Sarah has been with UC Water in Andrew Fisher's lab at UCSC


Sarah Beganskas is a PhD Candidate in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at UC Santa Cruz. She is originally from New York and received degrees in Geology and Computer Science from Amherst College in Massachusetts. In addition to her research, Sarah actively participates in outreach and science communication. She has designed activities teaching renewable energy and computer science through the Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators; she co-founded Geoscientists Encouraging Openness and Diversity in Earth Sciences (GEODES) at UCSC; and she is on the Education Committee for the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA).