UC Berkeley
Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist

My research focuses on the relationships between hydrological and ecological processes in studies relevant to the management of water resources. An overarching goal is to improve our ability to predict the effects of climate change and management actions on freshwater ecosystems, and the socio-economic and ecological benefits they provide.

Through applied, cross-disciplinary investigations that employ hydrological and hydraulic modeling, empirical field studies, geospatial analysis, and ecological statistics, research in our group aims to inform sustainable, cost-effective policies for managing water.

Core research and extension interests include:

  • environmental flow science
  • California water management and policy
  • spatial freshwater conservation planning
  • climate change risk assessment and adaptation
UC Water Connection: 

Ted Grantham ensures that research reaches stakeholders through his UCANR connections. He is working on outreach workshops with several UC Water colleagues. 


I am an Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist with the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) and faculty member of the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley.