UC Santa Cruz
Field and Lab Specialist

While my undergraduate degree was based around classical hard rock geology, I worked in the Jim Zachos' Stable Isotope Lab on foraminifera to study climate indicators from PETM and Elmo events. This led to a much more technically focused internship with the USGS in Lakewood, CO for a summer, building peripheral instruments to magnetic sector mass spectrometers. Working with Andy Fisher's hydrogeology group, I aim to combine my experiences to aid in researching surface and groundwater interactions and isotopic analysis of recharged stormwater, while generally helping the group move forward.

UC Water Connection: 

Walker's enthusiasm for a wide array of research questions is matched by his work ethic in managed aquifer recharge and hydrology, in the field and in the lab. 


Originally from San Francisco, I have spent most of my life in the Central Coast of California. I completed my undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences at UCSC in 2013, and since then have lived mostly in Santa Cruz, enjoying the natural beauty of the area.