UCTV Sustainable California Student Video Competition

December 14, 2017

UCTV Sustainable California Competition

The Sustainable World Video ContestImagining and Creating a Sustainable World

UCTV Sustainable California is opening up our site to students for the first time. Here’s a chance for you to tell the world what you are doing and how YOU are going to change and improve it.

You are part of the world’s most respected public university and are taking part in a great life-changing process that most of us can’t take part in – the learning opportunities of the UC, and we want you to share it.

You are the future of this world and this is an opportunity for you to tell the world what you would do to change and improve it.

Are you an electrical engineer or economist? A sociologist or biologist? Or maybe you don’t even know yet, but whatever you will become you are California’s best and brightest young minds, and the world needs to know what are your visions of improving the future. We want to know what you would do.

Do you have an idea or visions of how to save water or soil or a new technology for saving energy or a way of moving people, or building environments or reorganizing our urban worlds? Do you imagine spreading sustainable thinking to everyone? Do you have “what if?” ideas? Imagine, dream, think big. Nothing can become real without an idea.

There's also $1000 in prizes. 

The Contest: We Need YOU to Save the World

Step 1:
Create a sustainability video 3 minutes or less in length. You can work with friends or solo. 
Review the judging rubric for more insights into crafting your message. 

Step 2:
Post it to your YouTube account.

Step 3:
And share the link via our application form. Due April 6, 2018, 11:59pm PT.

Be creative! It can be shot with your mobile or it could be done with hand-puppets, paper cut-outs or animation. Maybe it’s a series of still images or maybe you just want to talk directly to us and tell us your idea and illustrate it with crayon drawings. Or maybe you want to demonstrate an idea or device or important concept, fact or idea about sustainability. You don’t even have to use the entire 3 minutes….remember, some of the most influential media is less than 30 seconds long!

Your video must be digital video with a resolution of 1920x1080 (HD or FHD setting). 

Judging will be done by guest judges using this rubric

Announcements of winners will be in celebration of Earth Month on April 27, 2018.
$1000 in prizes will be awarded.